Swanberg and Miller-Morgan indie features to premiere

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JOE SWANBERG’S “DIGGING FOR FIRE ” — the Sundance hit produced for $2 million — will premiere Aug. 21 at the Music Box Theatre, with director/co-writers Swanberg and actor Jake Johnson hosting a Q&A after both the 7 and 9:30 p.m. screenings.


The story, about the discovery of a bone and a gun that sends a husband (Jake Johnson) and wife (Rosemary DeWitt) – each full of doubts about their future and anxiety about the present — on separate adventures over the course of a weekend.

The all-star cast of 23 includes Orlando Bloom, Ron Livingston, Anna Kendrick, Judith Light, Sam Rockwell and Sam Elliot.

This is Swanberg’s second collaboration with Johnson.  They wrote “Drinking Buddies,” the first of two Swanberg films that screened at Sundance films in two years.

Click here to see the trailer and tickets are available here

Sidebar: “The Unexpected,” the Sundance hit of Joe’s wife Kris Swanberg, is available on Video On Demand.

THE CASKET,” a dramatic 27-minute film by key grip Danial Miller and writer Timothy Morgan, and executive produced by David Barrie, Jr. of GripWrite Productions, will premiere Aug. 29 at the Catlow Theatre in Barrington at 2 p.m.

The story is about an extremely wealthy and temperamental father’s request beyond-the-grave that his three estranged sons build his coffin in order to receive their inheritance.

The first of GripWrite’s “home grown projects” was filmed this summer in McHenry and completed July 31. After the Catlow premiere, “The Casket” will head for the festival circuit.

Sidebar: The Catlow Theatre built in 1927, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The restored original interior architecture is equipped with all the latest theatre amenities.

PRODUCER DON ALBERT’S FEATURE, “He Sends Rain,” that filmed in Rogers Park and Downstate Rock Falls and Dixon this summer, will be distributed by Vision Video/Gateway Films, a leading Christian film company.

The family drama is about a David, (Zack Bortot) a young man whose perspective is challenged when he must confront old wounds. Now bitter, he has to visit his father’s house. His new wife Julia (Kelly Helgeson) notices changes in David’s behavior and attempts to uncover the mystery of his past. 

Written, directed and executive produced byJeff Dull and his  Silverwave Entertainment LLC and Vision Video for an Ultra Low SAG budget, it was produced by Joshua Russell (“Absolution”) and Don Albert (“Dog Jack”). 

DP was Jim Andre, owner of Film Branch production services; sound mix by Gordon Crum of Eisley Studios, Kenosha and editor Roger Wolski.

The cast also includes Antoine McKay (“Empire”) and Mimi Sagadin (“Return to the Hiding Place”).

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