STORY’s new VCF spots expand on earlier campaign

STORY’s LA-based director David Orr filmed a new campaign for VCF (Value City Furniture) for SBC Advertising of Columbus, Ohio, a follow-up to a previous campaign “that was so well received that the agency took it up to the next level,” says STORY executive producer Cliff Grant.   

Orr directed the three spots in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and dens fill themselves with stylish furniture as the camera travels by them, in offbeat space in Pilsen.

The three news spots use motion control/stop motion to populate empty rooms with $300,000 worth of handsome VCF furniture, as a happy couple in each of the spots looks on.

“We wanted natural reactions from them, so we made sure they weren’t thinking about marks,” says executive producer Cliff Grant.

The new campaign is aimed at refreshing the VCF brand and making the retailer more appealing to younger consumers seeking style and low prices, the agency noted.

With a crew of 40, on the coldest day of the year, Grant recalls, STORY filmed at Chicago Illuminating Company at 21st and Michigan, a wide open, high ceilinged environment, with interesting brick walls and Victorian iron pillars. 

Reversing the action fills an empty room with new furnitureShooting in reverse was the secret to making the spots work, says Orr.  The production team started with fully furnished rooms, then removed one item at a time. “Each sequence is designed so that the talent interacts with the very last item that appears.”

Picking up on an earlier Orr-directed VCF campaign, it was aimed at refreshing the brand and making the retailer more appealing to younger consumers seeking style and low prices

Just wrapped is STORY’s national spot for Uloric gout medicine, made by Takeda, that Chicago-based John Komnenich directed in Dallas.  The spot features sports heroes Emmet Smith, the Hall of Fame rushing back for the Dallas Cowboys, and race car driver Kevin Matthews of NASCAR.

Rick Rosemeyer produced. 

SBC Advertising credits: Neil Widerschein, CCO; Leon Yourkiewicz, ACD; Scott Mylin,VP/ECD; Jessica Rowland, account executive.

For STORY: David Orr, director; Mark Androw and Cliff Grant, EPs; Marsie Wallach, line producer; Mary Langenfeld, production supervisor; LA-based DP, Andrew Turman. Casting: Claire Simon.  Editorial: Optimus.