Steven Saltz takes his online celeb show to TV

Veteran actor Steven Saltz has taken his online celebrity interview show to a late night TV show concept ? a half-hour of interviews and performances by local and visiting talent.

“The Chicago Actor Show” pilot was taped at RDI studios with veteran actor Frank Vincent and comedienne Lynne Koplitz, and the house band led by Daryl Stuermer, guitarist for Phil Collins and Genesis.

The show is a natural evolution from Saltz’ having interviewed celebrities on his website for several years.

“We think there’s never been a better time than now for late light in Chicago,” Saltz said. “President Obama, the Olympics, and ex-governor Rod Blagojevich have brought our city international attention. Chicago has such legs right now.”

Saltz aims to showcase local stand-up comics, improv groups and bands, as well as interview famous actors about their craft, and their thoughts on the city.

“When I’m interviewing celebrities about Chicago and what they like to do here, it entices them to speak freely about their experiences in the city, and opens up a whole new conversation,” Saltz said.

Saltz is the show’s executive producer, co-writer and host. His chief collaborators are Emmy-award-winning director Peter Kimball, Grammy and Emmy-winning music producer Hank Neuberger and Evanston-based screenwriter Dana Olsen (“George of the Jungle”).

Saltz Mine Productions is the show’s official production company.