Steve Hiller, shooting in India, goes to Viet Nam to film doc

Scene from Microlending Film

STEVEN HILLER of Hesperus Films is shooting Rachel Cook’s Microlending Film: A Documentary About Enterprising Women in India and Bangladesh this month.  They filmed in Paraguay last fall. 

Hill returns to Vietnam in March and July for the in-progress documentary Vietnam is a Country (also known as Once Enemies).  

“This is a complex story of several people and families, from finding the missing soldiers on both sides to a brother and sister revisiting the place their father went missing 40 years ago in Vietnam,” Hiller says.

PARTNERS MICHAEL WRIGHT and Carolina Posse of Wright Brothers Photoplay have secured distribution for its productions, The Quiet and Little Green Men

The Quiet will be released on Tuff TV, Fetch TV, Redbox, and Flix on Stix.  Director Thomas Silva’s The Quiet is a dark drama about a deteriorating marriage, produced by Silva with Wright and Posse.

Little Green Men, a 30-minute special on sustainable urban living hosted by Mark Nowak and Maria Elena Ponticello, aired on Colours TV and will run on Fetch TV.  

Wright Brothers also plans to release it in 10-minute webisodes this summer.  

They’re also developing a joint venture with Facets Multimedia to release a slate of 12 Latin American films on home video, Posse says.

LOCAL WRITING/PRODUCING duo Julie Keck and Jessica King of King is a Kink Productions wrote and co-produced the Minnesota feature Tilt, a revenge drama about a father reconnecting with his estranged daughter under horrific circumstances.  Director is Phil Holbrook, organizer of the EgoFest Film Festival.  

It’s due for completion in April.  

They’re producing a transmedia project including several companion short films that mine the stories of characters from the feature. 

They’re also working on a series of erotic shorts including Libidoland and Wiggle Room for the touring CineKink film festival and international exhibition. They’re adapting Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kevin, a memoir by Keck’s cousin, essayist Kevin Keck, as a feature, and developing another film with Holbrook.

CORTEZ MACK of Jkbu Productions is in pre-production on the Christian romantic drama Legal Roommates, about a courting couple contemplating marriage.  

“They experience the point-of-views from their friends who are in various relationships: the common law married couple, the interracial couple, the older married couple, the married couple from the church, and the ‘baby-mama drama’ couple,” Mack says.  

Jkbu is also prepping for three commercials, producing two gospel CDs, and producing the ongoing youth-targeted stage plays Decisions: The Turning Point and Where Do The Children Play?

DENNIS SAGEL of Beiteverso Productions is developing the Jacob’s Ladder-style psychological horror feature Daymares, about a recent college grad plagued by demonic hallucinations.  

“The major themes of the movie are the nature of dreams and nightmares, the possibility of a higher power, and how to let go of the things we love,” Sagel says.  Luke St. Germain wrote the script.  

They plan to shoot in Illinois and Michigan.

caption: Filmmaker Dennis Sagel