Diesel World and Jay Davis Films premiere ‘Step Dads’

'Step Dads' premieres October 13 at the Den Theatre

‘Step Dads’ premieres October 13 at the Den Theatre

family tale
with a cast of
Chicago all stars
debuts October 13
at the Den Theatre
in Wicker Park


Diesel World Productions and Jay Davis Films — producers of the hilarious Choke on That: The Series and Not Another Black Movie — will host a special screening of their new film, Step Dads, on Sunday, October 13 at 6 p.m. at the historic Den Theatre (1331 N. Milwaukee Ave.).

Step Dads tells the story of two foster brothers: Mike, a straight-laced, hardworking accountant; and Jerry, a wild, unstable womanizer. After a fatal twist of infidelity, they gain custody of two foster children. Employing non-traditional parenting methods, the brothers shed a satirical light on the importance of adoption.

While showing that no family is perfect, the film proves that every child deserves to be loved unconditionally and raised in a reliable and stable support system.

“We poke fun at some of the mishaps which come along with the shock of being a new parent,” shares Donte Diesel Williams, Executive Producer. “Ultimately, we hope to spread awareness on adoption, the importance of having fathers and father-figures in the lives of young people and having a familial loving environment.”


All-Star Chicago cast
Step Dads all-star cast includes Ben Sloane (R.I.P.D., Alpha House), Morocco Omari (Empire, Homeland), Jorie Binion (Chicago P.D.) Charles Dunlap (Chicago Fire, Empire), and Jay Davis (Not Another Black Movie, Choke On That: The Series).

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Backstage with the ‘Step Dads’ cast, September 2, 2019

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