Split Pillow to shoot fourth feature in November

SPLIT PILLOW shoots its fourth collaborative feature “Realization” from mid-October to mid-November. Eight filmmakers will direct seven distinct chapters written by seven screenwriters under the guidance of dramaturge April Winney.

“Realization” follows Murray?a tour guide at a physics laboratory where his father was a renowned researcher?trying to woo his co-worker Kasey by completing his father’s quantum research.

Directors are Kenneth Yoder (“The Hip Hop Chef”), Samir Salem (“Rose”), David Belden and Chris Tzoubris (“Common Senses”), Juan Castaneda, Scott Smith (Project Greenlight finalist “Ten”), Michael T. Vollmann (“Snapshot”), and Sean J.S. Jourdan (“Motorcycles & Mayhem”).

“Realization” is written by playwright Timothy Cooper (“Ten Days to Better Kissing and Other Plays”), Salem, Eric Anderson (“Red, White & Blue: A Tale of Two Americas”), Susan Hubbard (“Lessons for Girls”), Michael Fry (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), Alexander Rojas (“Cushion”) and Jourdan. See www.splitpillow.com.