Spiffy Pictures’ 13-week kids series “Jack’s Big Music Show” in HD bows Sept. 12 on Noggin

Little kids are going to love “Jack’s Big Music Show” from a talented Chicago team when it bows Sept. 12 on Noggin, the network division of Nickelodeon aimed at preschoolers.

“Jack’s” is the brainchild of Spiffy Pictures’ partners David Rudman, a.k.a. “Sesame Street’s” Cookie Monster, his brother Adam Rudman and Todd Hannert.

The 13 half-hour daily shows are a mix of clubhouse fun with original Muppet-like puppets, lots of real singers and musicians and a wide range of original music and mini music videos.

“The show revolves about Jack, his friend Mary, and a dog Mel and their band?10 hand-operated puppets in all?in their clubhouse,” said David Rudman, the show’s director.

“While Jack and his friends play music in their clubhouse, something happens, like someone comes in, and that sets off a story,” Rudman said. “The music videos tie into the theme of the show in most cases. In one episode, they can’t go out and parade because it’s raining.”

Live artists Yolanda Adams, Cathy Richardson, Anne Harris and Buddy Guy are some of the performers who visit Jack and sing with his friends in the clubhouse.

Rudman said Spiffy designed and built most all of the puppets, while others were made by a New York puppet builder.

The three partners are executive producers. All collaborated on music and lyrics, except for the two-to-three minute music videos and music that’s performed by guest artists.

Terry Fryer of Third Wave, his company with Hank Neuberger, arranged and produced the music, while the mini musical videos are performed by Laurie Berkner and produced by a New York firm.

Three years in development and seven weeks in production, the shows were shot in HD on Post Effects’ stage from the beginning of April until the end of May. DP was Mark Kluiszo; Ed Pickart and Maeve Price are editing. Props Art’s Mary Byrzinski designed and created the sets and props.

The broadcast strategy is to run three original shows the first week, and mix two new shows into shows that ran the week before.

Earlier for Nickelodeon, Spiffy Pictures produced “The Curious Buddies,” now a series on DVD.

David Rudman has portrayed “Sesame Street’s” lovable Cookie Monster for the past eight years. He spends several months a year filming the show in New York.

Spiffy’s office is located at 1811 St. John Ave., Highland Park. Phone, 847/432-6880.