Sound/Video team working in Vegas

A crew from Sound/Video Impressions is in Las Vegas on a fast-paced, weeklong shoot-and-edit assignment for long-time client At Home America, the people who host home furnishings parties.

SVI president Bill Holtane and Sue Holtane, editors Chris Steward and Mindy Hilt and makeup artist Cindy Surman (for the principals onstage) are working out of the MGM Grand, where At Home America is holding a sales meeting, award program and other activities for 1,500 attendees.

The SVI team spent two days in preproduction and to set up an Avid shipped out by Roscor. “Would you believe,” said Holtane, “nobody in Vegas had a rentable system to meet our specs.”

From Wednesday through Saturday, SVI shoots daily events, edits and provides a video recap of those activities for review the following day. Earlier, SVI produced meeting support video and audio modules for the meeting.

Holtane estimates the final budget will be in the neighborhood of $75,000. “Business has been better this year than last,” he said. “We haven’t had an idle moment since the year began.”