Sonixphere scores for Team Detroit Ford van campaign

Ford’s first TV commercial for a van in 30 years was created by Team Detroit, produced and post-produced by King and Country of LA, with an original score created by Greg Allan’s Sonixphere.

Sound effects and sound design were provided by STIR Post Audio, which was formed in June by partners Allan and David Kaplan and Mindy Verson, formerly of Audio Producers Group.

Sonixphere was called in by Team Detroit’s creative VPs Paul Kirner and Dan Weber last November, when development of the Ford Transit was first getting underway and both the vehicle and its TV campaign evolved over 10 months.

“We wanted people to know that Ford’s new, full size Transit van was a brand new vehicle built from the ground up,” says Kirner. “We wanted the spot to be hard-hitting and tough, in a continuation of the style of the longstanding F-150 Truck campaign, but with its own personality.”

When the CDs asked Sonixphere for demos “they gave us many variations. Our ultimate choice had all the hallmarks we were looking for, but it also had a fresh new energy that we hadn’t heard before,” Weber adds.

The creative brief called for a titanium sonic counterpart that stood up to the brisk, nonstop voiceover, hit all the sweet spots, and punched up the transitions.

“There was so much action and dialogue going on in the spot that the priority was to compose a killer track that hit all the marks the client wanted emphasized, but didn’t compete with the voiceover,” says Allan.

Team Detroit’s ultimate selection from a multiple demo selection was a fast paced and relentless rhythmic piece fueled by bass, drums and multiple layers of guitar and synths with handclaps woven in and out of the track for added dynamics.

After additional editing, Sonixphere finesessed the music track to fit the final cut, Allan notes. “Team Detroit executive producer Bob Rashid wanted me to oversee the sound effects to ensure sonic continuity.

“I literally walked next door to STIR’s studio and assigned senior sound designer Amber Tisue to add sound effects and transitions. “They were right on the money and tasteful, just right for what the track called for.”

Add Kirner and Weber, “Allan and his team really listened to us and what we wanted. Because of that close collaboration, we got the distinctive hook that makes the spot sing. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Voiceover recording and final audio mix was done by Rob Sayres, Sound Lounge of New York.