Sonixphere is Greg Allan’s new music company

Sonixphere owner, composer/prodcer Greg Allan

Award-winning composer/executive producer Greg Allan has a new vision of what today’s music business is light and it’s light years away from Spank! Music and Sound Designer, his company for the past 14 years.

“It was time for a change,” he says.

Allan purchased 100% of the stock of Spank! Music from former partner/composer Matt Morse to create new company Sonixphere

Although the new company retained some of Spank’s former employees and is in its old studio, “This isn’t Spank,” he emphasizes. “That wasn’t my vision for this company.”   

His vision for Sonixphere is in tempo with the times: to provide sonic content – “the ever-expanding role music plays in the media and our lives” – in whatever diverse form. 

“This week we’re working on a network TV show, trailers, spots and a webisode.  “We’re not just a music house anymore that does one thing,” Allan says.

“Sound lives beyond one or two broadcast areas.  There’s a growing demand for diverse sound and customized sonic solutions.  That’s what our clients want and that’s what Sonixphere delivers,” he says.

“Nobody in the Midwest is doing what we’re doing,” Allan asserts, by organizing some 30 specialized composers and sound designers from around the world, “to give our clients the benefits of cultural and musical diversity and global input.

Sonixphere also has two strong Los Angeles strategic partnerships that trust the new outfit into the heart of the entertainment industry.  

One partnership began 18 months ago with David Van Slyke, a famous movie and TV series sound designer, who brought Sonixphere in to compose urban and rock background music for a new ABC show still under wraps.  Previously, they worked together on a pair of reality shows.

The other link-up is with Doug Bossi’s iSpy Music, home with which Sonixphere has already produced hundreds of hours of music cues and themes for TV shows, including the theme for Bar Rescue and Discovery’s Flying Wild Alaska and ABC’s Secret Millionaire, both 2011 BMI Film and Television Award winners.

“We love being busy and creative,” he says.

Allan’s music career started with Shafer Antelis 

Allan began the purchase process with partner Morse last January.  Formed in 1997, Spank had been the prospering successor to Steve Shafer Music.  Founding partner Steve Shafer, who died in 2005, co-owned the business with Allan and Morse.

Allan’s first job in the music business was with Shafer Antelis, a music house co-owned by Shafer and Ira Antelis, current owner of Jira Productions and Artists & Brands.  When the partners split in 1997, Allan accompanied Shafer to Shafer Music.

Allan streamlined Sonixphere’s core company from 10 to five employees: long-time staffers composer Gary Guzman, business development director Ken Kolasny and business manager Terry Golden, recent addition, composer Tony Elfers and several part-timers. “And we all do multiple jobs,” Allan states.

Recent projects include sonic content for Sears Kenmore/Y&R, Game Stop/The Richards Group, Dallas, Mayo Clinic/Campbell-Mithun, Minneapolis Sports Authority, Team-Detroit-Pulse, Detroit and Columbia Sportswear/Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, San Franciso.

“I’ve a good career and I still love working on spots,” Allan remarks, “but this new move has rejuvenated me.”

Sonixsphere is located at 445 E. Ohio; phone, 312/329-1310.