Somewhere in America marks Chicagoan Brian Schodorf’s sixth feature

Brian Schodorf

Somewhere in America, produced by Chicago based media company Schodorf Films, marks Chicago/Midwest Emmy-Award winning filmmaker, Brian Schodorf’s sixth feature length project.

Long before the stunning flashpoint that led to a Donald Trump Presidency and ultimately the Capitol siege on January 6, Director, Brian Schodorf set out through the heartland of the nation during one of the most politically polarized periods in U.S. history, to explore America’s political and cultural divides that have been looming for decades.

Thunderous legions of supporters were driven by the realization that neither party’s vision included them and the nation they once knew was becoming a fast-fading relic of the past.

The four-part series: Filmed from the beginning of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, through the 2022 midterm election cycle, uncovers the roots of the Republican Party’s political realignment and paradoxical allure to Donald Trump.

From the steady decline of rural America that once formed the backbone of our society, to the blue-collar cities that gleamed with industrial pride – now serve as existential reminders of the vanishing American dream – to the rise of ethno-nationalist resistance and dog whistle politics that sparked a quasi-civil war and ignited a new racial divide.

Somewhere in America is more than urban vs rural and left vs right, it is a testament to understanding how we arrived at this chasm in the fabled American story and to bring into question: If a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people shall prosper forward or simply perish from this earth.

Somewhere in America was filmed in 13 states throughout the Heartland and Southern U.S. and features exclusive interviews with Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, David Axelrod, Rudy Giuliani, Kathleen Sebelius, Anthony Scaramucci, David Banner, Hill Harper, Roland Martin, Carlton Pearson and countless everyday Americans on both sides of the political aisle. 

Somewhere in America is expected to be released on streaming platforms in the Spring of 2023.

Schodorf Films Awards and Recognitions:

2021 TELLY AWARD (GOLD) Television Directing

2021 TELLY AWARD (GOLD) Television Writing

2021 TELLY AWARD (GOLD) Government Relations

2021 TELLY AWARD (GOLD) Movie Trailers 


2021 TELLY AWARD (SILVER) Cinematography 

2021 TELLY AWARD (SILVER) Archival Footage

2021 TELLY AWARD (SILVER) Videography 

2020 EMMY AWARD Single Spot Promotion (Chicago/Midwest)

2020 EMMY AWARD Documentary/Cultural (Chicago/Midwest)

2020 EMMY AWARD Writing (Chicago/Midwest) 

2020 EMMY AWARD Photography (Chicago/Midwest)

2020 EMMY NOMINATION Audio (Chicago/Midwest)

2020 EMMY AWARD Directing (Chicago/Midwest)

2020 EMMY NOMINATION Editing (Chicago/Midwest)

2016 EMMY NOMINATION Commercial Campaign(Chicago/Midwest)

2016 EMMY NOMINATION Commercial Campaign (Chicago/Midwest)

2015 EMMY NOMINATION Editing (Chicago/Midwest)

2015 EMMY NOMINATION Directing (Chicago/Midwest)

2015 EMMY NOMINATION Arts Programming (Chicago/Midwest)

2014 EMMY NOMINATION Writing (Chicago/Midwest)

2014 EMMY NOMINATION Magazine Show (Chicago/Midwest)

2014 EMMY NOMINATION Photography (Chicago/Midwest)

2014 EMMY NOMINATION Graphics (Chicago/Midwest)

2014 EMMY NOMINATION Editing (Chicago/Midwest)

2012 Distinguished Kansan of the Year – Brian Schodorf – Topeka Capital Journal 

2012 EMMY AWARD Cultural Documentary (Heartland Chapter)

2012 TELLY AWARD (SILVER) Documentary 



2009 EMMY NOMINATION Topical Documentary  (Heartland Chapter)

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