SocialDeviant brews Leap Beer to celebrate leap year

With 2020 being a Leap Year, the makers at Chicago-based SOCIALDEVIANT are celebrating the extra day on to the calendar with the launch of their own private-label, artisanal brew: Leap Beer.

“We take pride in being makers,” says Marc Landsberg, SOCIALDEVIANT founder and CEO. “We make a lot of things — content and experiences — that help our clients build their brands. We also happen to make beer.”

“That’s why later this week we’ll be toasting the extra 24 hours that makers everywhere will be getting on Feb. 29 to create, build and make things they’re passionate about with our own Leap Beer,” he adds.

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The All Oars Brewing Series
Resident brewer Graham Spector, a Content Planner at SOCIALDEVIANT, began brewing the citra-hopped, pale ale in late January in partnership with CHAOS Brew Club in Chicago.

The Leap Beer label, complete with the tagline The Right Way To Leap Day, was designed in the agency’s All Oars production studio by artist and fellow Deviant Christine Slavik.

The tasty beverage is the latest installment of the All Oars Brewing Series, which began last summer with the launch of Deviant Ale, the first artisanal, small batch brew produced by Spector.

“At SOCIALDEVIANT, we’re creating a ton of content for our clients,” says Spector. “We work hard. But we play hard, too. It’s great to work at an agency that encourages us to pursue our interests outside of work, and also gives us 24-hour access to a full-scale production studio to help bring those passions to life once the workday is done,”.

Founded in Chicago in 2012, SOCIALDEVIANT is a modern agency for modern brands, delivering high-impact, collaborative creativity while taking time and cost out of the system. In mid-2019, the agency opened All Oars, an in-house “content-studio-maker-lab-think-shark-tank” that takes thoughts and turns them into wildly creative things. Agency revenue continues to post impressive year-on-year gains given its continued new business success.