Sneak peek at State Farm’s new ‘Not the One’ spot

After meeting Jake, a new face of State Farm who appeared during the company’s Super Bowl pregame spot, consumers might be wondering where the brand is headed next.

Now, the wondering is over, and it was hilariously worth the wait.

Launching tomorrow, State Farm’s new multi-year campaign, Like a Good Neighbor, re-envisions how the brand will present itself.

The first completely original spot of the new campaign, titled, Not the One, showcases how consumers will see Jake From State Farm in culturally relevant moments moving forward. Created by Chicago agency The Marketing Arm, the spot was completed with help from a number of Windy City Shops including Whitehouse Post, The Mill, and Another Country.

Extensive consumer research informed the campaign idea, modernizing State Farm’s iconic brand into its storytelling. As a result, the campaign spotlights a new Jake from State Farm and the Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® slogan.

Check out a sneak peek below.



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State Farm & the NBA
State Farm is also continuing its creative work in the NBA and basketball space.

Upcoming ads will feature NBA All-Star Chris Paul, Jake from State Farm and new to the State Farm roster, renowned actor Alfonso Ribeiro. This series of humorous NBA spots will debut during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Centennial anniversary
State Farm is coming up on its 100-year anniversary, and the brand aims to preserve and honor the equity it has created.

What you’ll see moving forward is State Farm understanding the strongest components of its branding, and using them to stay top-of-mind for an audience that is bombarded with tons of new messages every day.

State Farm
   Assistant Vice President — Patty Morris
   Marketing Director — Sue Beigie
   Marketing Manager — Susi Lucas
   Marketing Analyst — Tim Thomas
   Marketing Analyst — Christine Williams
   Marketing Analyst — Annie Rondone
   Marketing Analyst — Nick Aviles

The Marketing Arm
   VP, Group Creative Director — Craig Miller
   SVP, Group Creative Director — Harris Wilkinson
   Creative Director — Aaron Frye
   Executive Producer — Will St. Clair
   Director of Production — Scott Kemper
   SVP, Client Service — Amy Erschen
   Group Account Director — Johnny Fitzsimmons
   Producer/PBM — Ellen O’Donnell

Arts & Sciences
   Director — Mike Warzin
   Managing Partner, EP — Marc Marrie
   Partner, Managing Director — Mal Ward
   Producer — Alex Waite

Whitehouse Post
   Editor — Matthew Wood
   Editor — Carlos Lowenstein
   Executive Producer — Kristin Angletti
   Producer — Dawn Guzowski

The Mill
   Executive Producer — Peter Hullinger
   Producer — James Babiarz
   VFX Supervisor — Randy McEntee
   2D Lead — Cory Davis

Another Country
   Executive Producer — Tim Konn
   Engineer — Peter Erazmus
   Assistant — Logan Vines

    “Abby” — Reina Hardesty
    “Preston T” — Taylor Handley
    “Jake” — Kevin Mimms