Skillicorn men form official business relationship

Roy and Nathan Skillicorn

Heart, Brains & Nerve founder Nathan Skillicorn knew that Seed Media Arts was worth his time long before he agreed to rep it this month.

Besides knowing that the live action company offered a deep reserve of filmmakers and a genre-spanning track record of award winning work, he was confident that Seed’s commitment to “highly sophisticated production within a congenial, family-oriented environment” was more than just a slogan: Nathan is the son of Seed founder and executive producer, Roy Skillicorn.

“He’s always been my mentor,” says Nathan, who became acquainted with the business by watching his father grow from working as an independent rep into becoming the founder and operator of several successful startups including Backyard Productions. “When I was a kid, he would take me to shoots and it was amazing how he was able to manage everything.”

Nathan SkillicornNathan’s official role with Seed has been growing steadily since he got into the business and founded Heart, Brains and Nerve in 2011.

“I think we were both prepping and making sure I could make a foothold in this business,” Nathan continues. “Then I started introducing my father to other people, and we kind of knew at that moment that it was finally time. I was always known as Roy’s son, and now he’s known as Nathan’s father kind of thing.”

An official press release from Seed indicates that, “Roy couldn’t be more pleased to be working alongside his son.” An unofficial comment from Roy asks, “Please shout it from the rooftops!”

With offices in Chicago and LA, Seed produces exceptional visual commercial content while curating distinctive filmmakers and connecting them with brands. Seed’s award-winning directorial talent includes Tim Abshire, David Rosen, Jason Lindsey, Anthony Garth, Rick Wayne, Reuben Wu, Kristina Perreault and Corey Rich.

In addition to Seed Media Arts, the talent roster of Heart Brains & Nerve includes Believe, Schrom, Vitamin, Dapper and Royal Budapest. Nathan is also part of the NY based Free Agent team that represents Buck, Nexus, Passion, Elastic, Hornet, Aspekt, Gentleman Scholar, Strange Beast, Nexus Interactive Arts and GenPop.