Singer Carly Glenn releases song/video about body image

(Girl in the Mirror is available on all streaming platforms)

Chicago’s Carly Glenn and director, Kendall Goldberg, teamed up as creative storytellers and great friends to film Carly’s new music video for her new single, Girl In The Mirror. Carly’s inspiration for this song was derived from the anxiety and isolation that consumed her through 2020.

For anyone who has ever struggled with mental health, this pandemic has surely brought a lot of people back into dark spaces. One of Carly’s dark spaces is body image. With a history of eating disorders and self-hate, she has worked hard on radical acceptance.

Carly was catching her reflection too many times while cooped up, even reflecting from things as small as a water faucet or simply walking past a window. Anyone struggling with this knows how hard it is to be alone with your reflection, and this song perfectly depicts that; the Girl In The Mirror.

Now watch the video:

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Making the Video

As far as production, Kendall, a filmmaker based in LA, put together a fabulous crew, including producer, Gia Rigoli, and director of photography, Michael Gauthier.

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, LA county enforced guidelines while on-set including, but not limited to: wearing a mask at all times, maintaining a distance of 6ft from others whenever possible, regular hand washing, & regular cleaning of highly touched surfaces, and COVID-19 Compliance Officer was on set at all times.

Michael Gauthier and Carly Glenn at work

Upon arriving to set (Electric Pony Studios), talent and crew took a 15 minute rapid test to insure negative tests before production. Everyone tested negative, and all safety precautions were met.

The 5 minute and 6 second music video, with a total of four different set ups, a long shot list, multiple costume, hair and makeup changes for talent, and VFX, could not have been accomplished in just a 12 hour day if it weren’t for Kendall Goldberg’s leadership and an incredibly efficient, respectful, and talented crew.

The Girl In The Mirror is out on all music streaming platforms. The music video is posted to @therealcarlyglenn IGTV, Carly Glenn’s Facebook and Youtube pages.


  • Artist – Carly Glenn
  • Director – Kendall Goldberg
  • Producer – Gia Rigoli
  • Director of Photography – Michael Gauthier
  • Editor – Kendall Goldberg
  • 1st AC – Connor Lambert
  • 2nd AC – Nic Vannatta
  • Steadicam Operator – Connor Smyers Gaffer – Sebastien Nuta
  • Key Grip – Nasser Akkari
  • Swing – Chris Ginnaven
  • Production Designer – Sam Neidenbach Art Director – Blake Hilton
  • Art PA – Alondra Costilla
  • VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist – Tim Hendrix Roto/Paint Assist – NOA Graphics Make-Up Artist – Amy Galibut
  • Hair Stylist – Cache Dorsey
  • COVID Compliance Officer – Ian Hyland BTS – Nika Burnett