Seng to follow “Rhyme Spitters II” with hip-hop dating game, a national rap tournament show

Fresh off wrapping production on his second annual “Rhyme Spitters” battle rap tournament DVD, Cherry Bomb producer Rich Seng is on to his next brainchild.

He’s marrying the unlikely elements of “Rhyme Spitters” MC battles and the compete-for-the-girl’s-heart format he experienced as a contestant on syndicated “Elimidate,” to create the hybrid battle rap dating game show “Love Spitters.”

Seng sets the scene: “You have a beautiful model on one side of a screen onstage. On the other side of the screen come these four battle MCs. The MCs step up and battle each other, she decides who wins. Then the two winners battle, and the final winner gets a date with her, a dinner somewhere. She’s deciding who wins a date not based on how they look but based on their skills.”

Seng is shooting a “Love Spitters” pilot in late August or early September. “Rhyme Spitters II” host P.R.ism and DJ Alo will return for the “Love Spitters” pilot. Seng is still nailing down talent and a prospective venue. He’s aiming for national TV distribution. “We’ll make it first and then figure out who might be potential buyers,” he said.

Cherry Bomb is the series of free, CD music compilations and DVD short film compilations that Seng has been producing for the past couple years, paid for with spots for local businesses that stock the disks.

Producing a hip-hop Cherry Bomb edition, Seng stumbled onto an MC tournament at Subterranean and got hooked. He put on the first “Rhyme Spitters” tournament in July 2004, rappers battling down from 64 contestants at Wicker Park to a single winner, Vitamen D at the Note. Seng released the first “Rhyme Spitters” DVD earlier this year, free and ad-supported like Cherry Bomb.