Seminar on how to light video/HD ala film style be held June 6-7 at Hammond equipment house

DP Tom Musto brings his two-day lighting seminar to the Chicago area in June with a guarantee that his formula for film style lighting for any kind of video and HD works every time.

The seminar takes place June 6-7 at David Iem’s Sound Idea Productions (SIP) cavernous but under-the-radar equipment house just over the Skyway in Hammond.

Musto, who’s headquartered outside of Philadelphia and gives the seminar all over the country, said he teaches how to establish lighting for any scene, no matter what lighting or capture format is used.

“We explain what a DP on a professional video set in Hollywood sees and thinks and how he makes decision in choosing lighting. We make it into a formula so there’s no guesswork.”

Musto said when a DP goes to light a set, “he’s looking at it from the viewpoint of editing and the finished production, not to appease the director or client,” he said.

“We make the analogy of lighting a set, regardless of its size, and show how it appears on a waveform monitor, and demonstrate a fairly easy formula of lighting from highlights to shadows.”

Since a hotel meeting room is inadequate for the seminar’s range of on-set applications, Musto’s friend David Iem offered his just-expanded 40,000-sq. ft. of industrial park space as the venue.

Iem takes pride in the fact that his 20-year old SIP is a full service operation. And since Iem only rents to people he knows,?”I don’t rent to walk-in trade,” he said?he becomes their production partner and often goes out on the job to shoot or handle sound himself.

A former Army lieutenant, a surprising half of Iem’s business comes from the military, not a common type of customer in the Midwest.

He is often tapped to classified in-house video production for the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s special operations, and rents equipment to the government. One of his camera packages in serving in Afghanistan.

SIP’s inventory is well over $1 million, Iem said. He offers four camera packages, five sound packages, generators, and a wide variety of lighting include HMI and tungsten packages from 10K down. Available soon will be a 5-ton grip truck.

Cost of the “How To Light For Video: Film Style” seminar is $199 per day or $369 for both days. Register by calling 877/867-3456 or see

SIP is located at 3200 Sheffield, Building 1, Unit A, just one block outside the city limits on the Southeast Side. Take the Skyway to the 50 cent tollbooth, get off at Cline Ave., proceed to Sheffield and turn left. Phone, 312/242-1818.