Seed wrestles a Cannes Lion for Novartis spot

"The Wrestler"

“The Wrestler”

“Pharma seems to have
a lot of people
walking down paths and
petting their dogs,”
says Roy Skillicorn.
“This is totally different.”

Seed Media Arts and Klick Health elevated the traditionally mild energy of pharmaceutical ads to pile-driving levels of excitement in The Wrestler, a 30-second Novartis spot that won a Bronze Lion for the Integrated Pharma category this week at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Simulating a variety of stomach pains with the high-flying attacks of a long-haired, pink-tighted, muscle-bound miniature professional wrestling character who inflicts his wrath on the torso, the spot demonstrates how certain kinds of discomfort can be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or gastritis.

The results educate consumers with an informative message that’s fun to watch.

“Pharma seems to have a lot of people walking down paths and petting their dog,” says Roy Skillicorn, owner and Executive Producer at Seed. “This is totally different.”

Helmed by Seed’s Tim Abshire, the spot ultimately directs viewers to a site hosted by Novartis that offers visitors the tools for exploring diagnostic and treatment options.

While the information may address urgent matters for some users, the process of obtaining it may also provide some relief, or at least a few laughs, along the way.

According to Skillicorn, The Wrestler’s “over-the-top” delivery is the result of productive collaboration with the “fantastic” and “forward-thinking” team at Klick New York.

“The character is definitely part of a concerted effort on all people’s parts,” he explains. “The wardrobe was a riot, the casting was just a riot, and the actor was the best.”

Advertising Agency: Klick, New York, City, USA
   Chief Creative Officer: Elliot Langerman
   Art: Sam Quiles, Anthony Dicarolis, Mark Schruntek, Lee Seidenberg
   Copy: Anthony Dicarolis, Mark Schruntek, Lee Seidenberg
   Senior Producer: Brian Schierman
   Senior Account Director: Eric Pressman
   VP, Brand Strategy: Alexis Penty
   Senior Project Manager: Klayton Kyle
   Senior Strategist: Rachel Affoo

Production: Seed Media Arts, Chicago
   Director: Tim Abshire / Seed Media Arts
   Executive Producer: Roy Skillicorn
   EP / Line Producer: Kipp Christiansen
   DP: Joe Zizzo

Editor: Chuck Willis / Cutting Room
   Assistant Editor: Greg Ryan
   Executive Producer: Anna Petitti

Visual Effects: Smoke and Mirrors
   VFX Executive Producer: Steve Intrabartola
   VFX Senior Producer: Tara Maloney
   Head of Flame: Dino Tsaousis
   Flame Artist: Kevin Quinlan, Jenna Deangelis

Audio Post Mixer: Paul Weiss / Sonic Union
   Audio Producers: Justine Cortale, Pat Sullivan

Music: Extreme Music Stock Library

Colorist: Sal Maltifano / Nice Shoes

Color Producer: Matt Hubert

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