Sears starts selling Samsung 3D sets

It looks like HD has arrived at the consumer home entertainment level. Sears is now selling Samsung 3D television sets, although there are no 3D movies on DVD or shows on television for home viewing. Nonetheless, the retailer expects to sell at least 2 million 3D sets this year and suggests that number may be conservative.

Samsung’s HD 3D flat-screen sets televisions will be available with plasma, LCD or LED displays and feature Samsung’s Internet@TV service, a connection to a home broadband network via Ethernet or WiFi.

Samsung’s 3D sets with LCD screens will be available in May, beginning with a 46-screen model for $1,700. The 3D plasmas range from 50 to 63-inches, with prices from $1,800 to $3,800. Glasses are sold separately.

Samsung is also making 3D Blu-ray players.

One of the Samsung LED models will appear in a Leo Burnett-produced 3D cinema spot in select movie theatres, from April 2 through July. The spot asks the viewer, “”Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?””

The ad will appear in theatres operated by the three largest chains with digital projection systems from a newly formed Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP), a joint venture among AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group, which aggregately operate 14,000 theatres.

The Samsung spot will also air on TV in 2D.

Also on the 3D DVD front: Deluxe Digital Studios of Burbank will offer a full range of 3D services for the home entertainment market.

In April, it launches 3D Blu-ray production services, with capacity ramping to four projects per month by the fourth quarter of 2010.

Deluxe’s workflow will incorporate a number of proprietary systems and technologies developed in-house as well as tools acquired from industry partners.

“”We’re completing the remaining development now and we’re ready to commence with production titles,”” said Todd Collart, SVP/new media of Deluxe Digital Studios.”