Schumacher offers production office rental

Non Fiction Films of L.A. was the first customer to use the 3,000 sq. ft. first floor space to prep for a two day location shoot for Ford, followed by @Radical Media, also L.A., in town for a one-day GatorAde shoot next week.

The new rental offices include three enclosed offices with desks, chairs and shelves, 24 hour access, phone, fax, copier and high speed wireless internet access, full kitchen, first floor loading dock and a roof deck.

The rental cost is $150 a day with a camera rental package.

Schumacher Camera operations had been situated on the first floor before moving to the third floor of the three-story building. Responding to requests from their spot house clients for production offices, the owners felt the vacant first floor space would be ideal.

Pope, who with Acuna purchased the 20-year old company in 2006 from Carol Schumacher, said their camera rental business is seeing signs of renewed production activity. “Budgets are opening a little and advertisers feel more confident” about spending, he says.

Other local production offices rentals are Essanany’s 1,200-sf. ft. space and Fletcher Camera’s 2,000-sq. ft. offices.

Essanay, incidentally, is renting equipment for both Non Fiction and upcoming Tool of America Ford shoots and for Radical Media’s one-day GatorAde shoot.

Schumacher Camera is located at 1147 W. Ohio; phone, 312/243-3400. See