Schumacher acquires “ultimate jib”

Called “the ultimate jib arm for the ultimate shooter,” the K-Hill Z-Jib has arrived at Schumacher Camera, the only Midwest rental house to carry the jib arm.

With its unique design, the Z-jib, formerly known as the Zero Gravity Boom Arm, offers unlimited production possibilities, making it the perfect tool for a variety of applications, from tabletop and miniatures to live performances.

The 8-foot Z-Jib is capable of a true 14-foot straight horizontal line. When properly set up (set up time is approximately 20 minutes) the camera hovers weightlessly wherever it is positioned.

“This puts control in the hands of the operator, who can effortlessly make true straight sweeps, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or any combination of moves, without having to move the dolly,” said Carole Schumacher.

Specs: Weight limit, 125 lbs., camera and head. Reach, horizontal: 8 ft. from center post; vertical, approximately 12.5 ft. Model number ZG 8-125.

Call sales manager Stan Glapa, 312/243-3400.