Sarah Palin picks Chicago native as favorite star

SARAH PALIN SHOWS GOOD TASTE in her choice of movie faves. Interviewed by “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush, Palin dissed “celebrity-dom endorsements” of candidates as not representing “the real, hard-working middle-class Americans, who have great challenges, especially financially.”

Asked who her favorite actor is, Palin replied, “I love Gary Sinise.”

When Bush noted Sinise is a Republican supporter, Palin laughed and said, “Well, what a coincidence.”

Sinise is one of Chicago’s favorite sons, whose father Bob Sinise was a real, hard-working middle-class film editor. (Our Reel Thing column is homage to Bob Sinise’s former Chicago editing company.)

SPORTS ICON MICHAEL JORDAN and a host of local athletes will reunite for a Gatorade commercial on Essanay stages Monday. It’s a reunion for Jordan and the product, for who can forget his iconic “Be Like Mike” commercial for Gatorade during his starring days as a Chicago Bull.

Production company is Spike Lee’s Pony Show of L.A. The series is shooting all over the country. Last stop Orlando, next stop Indianapolis.

A WEBINAR SERIES on “The Business of Animation” Nov. 19 would not be complete without the insight of award-winning Calabash’s executive producer Sean Henry and CD Wayne Brejcha on the panel. The series is presented by and Studio/monthly magazine.

COLONIE, A NEW EDITING BOUTIQUE, has been formed by four former Avenue Edit veterans: Producer Mary Rieger and editors Brian Stepanic, Bob Ackerman and Joe Clear, all highly favorites for big national spots.

It’s located in what had been Outsider’s original space at 610 N. Fairbanks.

NEW AT CUTTERS in Santa Monica and Chicago are three editors, and the promotion of three assistants to editors.

In Santa Monica: Christine Brown moved over from Mad River Post, Lenny Mesina from Sunset Post, and Addison James, most recently editor on virals for the Honeyshed online home shopping network initiative. The new assistants-to-editors are Eric Houtz and Traci Weingardt in Chicago and Ryan McGuire in Santa Monica.

THE PHIZZPOP DESIGN CHALLENGE, hosted by Microsoft, is back in Chicago for the second year to engage Chicago agencies in a competition of design, development and creativity.

The kickoff is Nov. 20 at the Cultural Center, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in conjunction with the Chicago Convergence.