RW2 signs with SG+P’s Sarah Gitersonke

With 12 live action directors,
11 still photographers,
on-staff editors, and a
retouching team,
RW2 is as collaborative
as it gets

(Chicago — 6 September 2018) Household-Name directing duo, The Wade Brothers, founders of KC based RW2 Productions have officially signed with Sarah Gitersonke of SG+Partners for exclusive Midwest representation.

With a roster including 12 live action directors (three of whom are female), 11 still photographers, on-staff editors, and a full retouching team with a CG/VFX expert, RW2 Productions is as “collaborative” as it gets. Their 7000 sq. ft. studio space is equipped with a kitchen, garage door and high ceilings to accommodate multiple set builds.

Sarah Gitersonke
Sarah Gitersonke
“The ad world is changing and RW2 is Keeping. Up. Their roster of artists work in virtually every type of media… they simultaneously create moving, still, online, social, and print content, all under one roof, under one vision. The creative mindset drives everything and yes they excel at the nuts and bolts of production of course, but it starts and ends with the creative approach. The work here blows you away and grabs you by the story within the creative. I’m thrilled to be representing their team and talent.” —Sarah Gitersonke, SG+Partners Owner and Agent

“To us, production is about more than just budgets, logistics, spreadsheets, and practicalities”, says Lyndon Wade, Director and co-owner of RW2. “It’s about creating remarkable, innovative, breathtaking work that captivates viewers… powerful content that shows your viewers what makes your brand unique.”



RW2’s body of work includes commercial and content New Balance, Helly Hanson, Stella Artois, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Doritos and Levi’s.

By partnering with SG+P, RW2 joins the firm’s growing roster of soup to nuts creative solutions including Strange Loop, Noise Floor, Mode Project, Apartment 8 / Bubba’s Chop Shop and also newly signed… Adolescent Content.

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