Richter Studios at 10: New name for all-digital, rapidly expanding, multi-faceted production house

Having experienced the positive impact HD capture has had on their company, Jeremy Richter wants to be one of the first to utilize the ultra high-def Red One camera.

“In one year, we doubled staff size to 15 and completed the transition to 100% HD and digital,” with the purchase of a Panasonic HDX 900 camera, he says.

The camera, which he calls “the best investment the company ever made, has translated into increased revenue?estimated sales of $2-$2.2 million this year?”and a tenfold value to our clients.”

“Brothers to the core,” as Jeremy puts it, co-own the business, renamed Richter Studios from The Richter Brothers last May when their 10th anniversary rolled around.

Older brother David is CEO and Jeremy president. They grew up in Zion and both graduated from the University of Wisconsin/LaCrosse; David with an accounting degree and Jeremy with one in marketing.