Reid Brody: Movie mogul in the making

Reid Brody’s lifelong dream to produce features is being realized with the Dec. 12 opening of “Nothing Like the Holidays,” which his 2DS Productions co-produced with State Street Productions.

The movie shot in Humboldt Park (its original title) early this year and stars Humboldt Park native Freddy Rodriguez and a strong Latino cast.

The story is about the surprises a Puerto Rican family reveals during one eventful week together at home in Chicago.

Reid, president and cofounder of multi-divisional Filmworkers Club (Astro Labs with branches in Dallas and Nashville, Vitamin and Lift) and financier Paul Kim formed 2DS. They formed a partnership with State Street Pictures’ Bob Teitel, George Tillman, Jr. and Matt Pritzker.

“This partnership is a chance to gain ownership in the film projects we create together,” said Teitel, co-producer of “Holidays” and co-story writer with Rene M. Rigal.

Brody, Kim, Rigal and Rodriguez were executive producers, Tillman and Teitel producers and Tom Busch co-producer.

Also starring are Alfred Molina, Elizabeth Pena, Luis Guzman, Debra Messing, Jay Hernandez, Manny Perez and Vanessa Ferlito. Director was Alfredo De Villa (“Adrift in Manhattan”).