REELSCREEN: News & Notes

AFTRA ELECTION. New officers elected by 453 valid ballots from the membership are Dan Frick, president; David Gee, James Schneider and Richard Shazin, vice presidents; Eileen Parkinson treasurer; Oksana Fedunyszyn, recording secretary.

Elected to the national board: Dan Frick and Nancy Sellers. Local board members: Jack Carter Brown, Charlotte Davis, David Gee, Fern Persons, Nancy Sellers, Jill Shellabarger, Suzanne Palmer, Stephanie Rogers, Tasha Johnson, Rick DiMaio, Lisa Parker, Richard Stele. One write-in vote for George Ryan.

TRAINING FOR TEENS. SMS equipment dealer Man Sung Sun is teaching intensive film training to 11 art students from Harper High School. The course came about through Karen Gunn, who runs Urban Solutions, a vocational training organization. “This is a trial run,” Man Sung explained. “We’ll spread it to other public schools if it works out. I’ve wanted to do this for a lot time.”

DGA NOMINEES. Five DGA directors were nominated for its commercial direction award for 2003: Lance Accord of Park Pictures, Errol Morris of @radical media, both New York; David Fincher, Anonymous Content, Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks and ? surprise! ? Joe Pytka, all of Los Angeles. Winner to be announced at the 56th annual DGA dinner Feb. 7 in L.A.

HOLLYWOOD SEND WARNING. FBI agents raided the Homewood home of Russell Sprague, formerly of L.A., and seized hundreds of Academy screeners. He was charged with copyright infringement and illegal interception of a satellite signal. His screeners source was allegedly veteran film/TV actor, Carmine Caridi, who told the FBI he was unaware Sprague had allegedly duplicated the films.