REELSCREEN: News & Notes – 05/31/04

AT THE POST. Filament Post has officially replaced Spots BME as the name of Bruce Frankel’s editing house. “I wanted it to be a new company, now that we’re adding new people and incorporating new ideas,” he says. New addition is Matthew Egan formerly with Cutters for seven years. “I can see him becoming one of the best editors in the city,” enthuses Frankel … New Daily Planet president is Scott Marvel , VP/editor, who’s been with the company for 15 years.

NEW TRIB AGENCY. The Tribune’s $4 million ad account went to DDB, from Marc USA, which throughout its various incarnations had been the Trib’s agency for eight years.

UP AND DOWN THE AVENUE. Ogilvy & Mather sent shock waves down Michigan Avenue with downsizing of two production executives: Ray Lyle, a 30-year veteran, and Monna O’Brien, an agency staple for 19 years. We hear that no succeeding production chief will be named, and also that a rash of cutbacks could follow … Producer Sam Pillsbury has left Leo Burnett after a dozen years … Leah Elder departed Crossroads and Chicago to seek her fortune in L.A.’s film industry. The trailer for Colin Costello’s low-budget “A Miami Tail” won the Golden Trailers Award in the category of “trashiest trailer.” Can the Golden Globes be be far away?

SANGAMON STREET BUSTLING. The former Orbis Broadcasting building at 100 S. Sangamon is filling up with feature production companies. George Tillman and Bob Teitel’s State Street Productions is already settled in on one floor prepping for “Roll, Bounce,” and “Batman” will occupy another floor for its late summer filming here. And who knows the building better than < b>Jeff Bohnson, former Orbis partner, who leases the top floor for his Chicago-New York production company.

SOFTBALL FUN. The CAF’s young professionals holds its fourth annual co-ed 16-inch softball tournament June 12 at Waveland Avenue Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m . Then off to Goose Island in Wrigleyville to party. Call 847/ 375-4728 for more info.

PROJECT GREENLIGHT NIGHT. On June 8, Chicago Community Cinema will honor the seven Chicagoans who broke into the higher echelons of Project Greenlight directorial and screenwriting competition. CCC will screen the entry films of Scott Smith and Duane Edwards, who ascended the exalted Top 10, Bryan Perraud, who advanced to top 50 and Rus Blemker and Brian Craft, who made it to 250 ? out of 1,700 national entries. Also: Screenwriters John Zoppi and Brian Pinkerton who are among 100 potential finalists for winning script.

FIRST ON SERIES. Filmmaker Peter Gilbert’s “With All Deliberate Speed,” commemorating the 1954 Brown vs. the Board of Education desegregation law, is the first documentary in the new “Discovery Docs” series from Discovery Communications and distributor CameraPlanet.