Reel Women: Nancy Reid — Producer

Nancy Reid

Nancy Reid

Nancy Reid has spent over twenty years in the film and video production community specializing in video marketing and television programming.

She has worked as a television / corporate communications producer and General Manager for some of the most prestigious film and video production and post-production facilities in Chicago.

She has managed projects for major advertising agencies, corporations, associations, universities, public relations and television programming for broadcast/cable and independent films.

Currently, Nancy is the Production Manager for “What’s on Tap”, a TV pilot that focuses on the Craft Beer movement in the U.S. The traveling variety show highlights the people who make the beer, the people who serve the beer, and, most importantly, the people who drink the beer.



How did you get into the business? I was living in Ann Arbor post-college and was asked by a friend in the business if I could attend NATPE and be a welcoming representative for a Chicago based Television Syndication Company at their NATPE suite. I accepted and the President of the company later hired me to be a sales rep for a Television and Radio duplication, video production-post, production-company which eventually brought me to Chicago. My first job in the business in Chicago was at Optimus. Had a chance to work with some of the best facilities in Chicago. Been here ever since.

What obstacles have you faced specifically because of your gender? I’ve been pretty lucky over the years. Being a woman did not stand in the way of advancing my career. It’s all about picking the right companies you know you can succeed in and work with those who appreciate your skills and knowledge. Man or woman.

Best thing to ever happen to you to remind you that you are a woman? Men and women alike recognize me for my talents and strength. Not letting gender stop you after going for what you want in your career. Again, working with people who respect you for your knowledge and your strengths.

Work you are most proud of? When I became Vice President and General Manager for Northwest Teleproductions (eventually named Broadview Media) and establishing a client base they had not experienced in the past I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Additionally managing a talented team of production and post-production professionals who helped make the Chicago office a huge success: another great sense of accomplishment. And now all these years later still in the biz.

How do you describe the most significant #metoo moment of your life? I’m happy to say I don’t have a significant #metoo. I’ve been very lucky. Lots of support over the years. Not a lot to talk about personally in the #metoo movement.

How have professional attitudes towards women evolved during your career? The production and post-production community has definitely been dominated by men over the years. But again, if you look for the right companies to work for and with people who respect you for your knowledge and skills you will succeed in your goals. Women have definitely made incredible strides and continue to and have a strong seat at the table.

Trapped on an island what essentials must you have? Ten of your favorite books and lots of paper / pen to make notes and write. Also, an iPod full of my favorite music that would never lose power! A bottle of tequila wouldn’t hurt ☺.

If you had a time machine, what would you say to your past self? Don’t let anything or ANYONE stop your dreams. Persevere. Stop at nothing!!

If you could have a one-on-one with anyone who would it be? And why? Meryl Streep. Meryl is a role model for women and who has maintained a constant career with the upmost professionalism. I think man or woman…she’s someone you’d want to talk to for hours and hours.

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