Recap of a weekend of inspiration and education at Filmscape 2024

Filmscape 2024 concluded its annual tradition of networking, inspiration and education, with high praise from all who attended.

Each year, Filmscape hosts a weekend event where leading manufacturers showcase their newest products. The event also features dozens of classes, covering a wide range of topics and skill levels, from introductory to highly advanced. Best of all, the entire event is free for all attendees.

It was an exceptional weekend, uniting the film community to explore the latest advancements in AI, lighting, camera, audio, and grip technologies. Attendees enjoyed a weekend of networking, workshops, classes, panels, and one-on-one demonstrations.

To all those involved in making this weekend a success, Ned McGregor, Founding member and President; Colette Gabriel, Founding Member and GM of Keslow Camera Chicago; Brett Burns, Founding Member and Director of Operations and Sales at MBS Chicago; Joe Lyons; Jim Hartnett, Jr; Gary Adcock, Executive Director; and Megan Williams, Event Coordinator, you continue to impress with the diverse creative expertise you gather for this event — raising the bar every year.

Stan Wozniak, Managing Partner of CineCity Studios and master of hospitality, flawlessly executed the event in a venue perfectly suited for a gathering of creatives. Stan and his team were hands-on throughout the weekend, ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience for all. The consensus: the event was fantastic.

Enjoy the photo coverage of the weekend:
(photo credits: Colette Gabriel, Gary Adcock, Margaret Orlando, Barbara Roche)


Every year Filmscape broadens their class topics to include more disciplines in the film industry.

Mark your calendar now, Filmscape will return in 2025 on June 21 & 22 at CineCity.