Project Greenlight vet Pete Jones sells script to
Fox for Farrelly Brothers; now back in Deerfield

Pete Jones, the inaugural Project Greenlight director, has made the big leagues.

He sold his spec script “Hall Pass” to Fox for a Farrelly Brothers production in a high-six-figure deal. The sale comes just months after Jones moved back to his native Deerfield from Los Angeles with his wife and kids.

Jones talked with ReelChicago the week of the “Hall Pass” sale, about his reinvigorated career, moving home, and tailoring his work for the studios.

ReelChicago: How did you come up with the idea for “Hall Pass?”
Pete Jones:
I just wanted to write a comedy about marriage. So I came up with this scenario, where the wife works hard and takes care of the kids, and if the husband’s lucky he might be able to get some action on Saturday night, but most weeks he falls short.