Program inks $1 million Wolves deal

Program Productions of Lombard inked a two year-deal with the Chicago Wolves Hockey Team to provide remote broadcast facilities and crews for all home and away games.

A total of 80 games will be aired on Comcast cable in the Chicago area.

“Eighty games is an impressive package for a professional hockey team and a commitment to its fans,” said VP/operations John Doyle. “It’s the only team in the minor league franchise to ever broadcast this many games.”

While the package comes close to $1 million over the two years, Doyle said, “It’s a lot of revenue but not enough margin, since we will be supplying crews, trucks and satellite transmission. Sports and entertainment margins tend to be lower than corporate.”

Corplex will provide trucks for 70% of the games, Doyle said. “We will employ crews of 14 to 16 persons for home games and use local people for out-of-town games, but we’ll send our TD and some graphics people along. Some of those locations are in remote parts of Canada.”

Program Productions is located at 870 Oak Creek Drive, Lombard; phone, 630/792-9700.