Producer Richardson joins Cutters from New York shop

Heather Richardson

After a 15 year absence including 11 years working for a bicoastal editorial company, producer Heather Richardson decided it was time to come home.  On Jan. 5 she joined Cutters Studios as one of two producers on the editorial side.  

She is essentially filling the position left vacant by Joy Holbrook, who left Cutters in December after a decade to pursue other interests and will be working alongside producer Patrick Casey. 

“I figured it was time to head back home and be closer to my family in Lake Bluff. I was too old to go broke in New York,” Richardson jokes.

Richardson had left the area in 2000 to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder and after graduation she headed west from there.  Her first job in LA was producing at a52 VFX, part of the Rock Paper Scissors group. From there she joined Cosmo Street, which transferred her four years later to its Manhattan studio.

Richardson connected with Cutters through her friend and former Cosmo Street colleague, Steve Bell, who edits for Cutters in Santa Monica. “He was definitely encouraging when I was first told him about I was thinking of moving home and put me in touch with the company.”

 “Cutters is very fortunate to have Heather on our team,” says postproduction director Cindy Duffy. “She has so much experience and the exact right skill set for the position we needed to fill.

At Cosmo Street, Richardson worked with top-tier agency executives and commercial directors.  She most recently produced for AT&T, DirecTV, ESPN, Geico, GoDaddy, Land Rover, MasterCard, Mercedes, Samsung and Verizon.

Celebrating its 35th business anniversary this year, Cutters’ has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and Tokyo.