Chicago’s ‘PRGirl’ comes to Amazon Prime


Ever wonder what the life of a public relations woman in Chicago is like?

Now’s your opportunity to soak up all the spilt tea.

Entering its second season, PRGirl is an original reality series on showcasing the lives of leading ladies running the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle public relations in Chicago.

Season 1, featured 24-year-old grad student, Alex Moresco, who introduced viewers to the fast-paced lifestyle of Entertainment PR.

But in Season 2, viewers get more girls, more glam and more grit as Fallon Ryan, Nolita Pore and Alex Ott show the diversity of PR with three different PR lifestyles – each demonstrating just why they are fab in their own right.

First, there’s Fallon. A former PR Director at Lana Jewelry (an international company that dresses celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna, and Gigi Hadid), she now runs her own fashion PR firm. She introduces viewers to the life of celebrity stylists, weekly flights to NYC and LA and in her personal life, what real sisterhood looks like.

In her role as Social Media Manager and Publicist for the hair company, Namaste, Nolita takes viewers on her professional and personal journey of fresh starts and new beginnings. She quickly dispels the myth that ‘doing social media’ is easy because you have an Instagram account.

Alex gives viewers a look at what it’s like to grow and run a successful PR firm while juggling a bicoastal life with her two-year-old. Watch the trailer below:

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Farissa Picks (37 of 67)
(Creator Farissa Knox)
Business owner, author, producer, marketer and CEO of RLM Media and WRUW Productions, Farissa Knox, is the creator and showrunner of the series. Explaining the motivation to create PRGirl, she said, “When I decided to get into the video space, I wanted it to be meaningful beyond makeup tutorials and opening product boxes.”

She adds, “I understood that today’s young woman wanted a different experience with reality television – something that inspires them to go after their dreams instead of makes them feel ‘not good enough’ or indulgent on rachetness.”

A public relations job is often viewed as one of the most glamorous jobs in the media industry. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about parties, fashion, and social media. Fallon, Nolita, and Alex show that it takes a lot of grit and grind to be a successful PR Girl.

PRGirl premieres on Amazon Prime 9/8.

   Fallon Ryan
   Nolita Pore
   Alexandria Ott

   Farissa Knox

Created By:
   Farissa Knox

Directed + Edited By:
   Joe Knee

Executive Producer:
   Farissa Knox

Sound Engineer:
   Joe Knee