PR pro Lauren Dewhirst joins The Michael Group

Lauren Dewhirst, SVP/director of corporate communications.

Michael Weber’s fast-growing entertainment and corporate production company added public relations specialist Lauren Dewhirst, from major PR firm Edelman, as SVP/director of corporate communications.

And to better reflect the company’s strength, Weber changed the name to The Michael Group from Michael Dean Productions.

The name change, says Weber, “just “felt better. The firm is no longer about me, but rather my outstanding and talented team,” which now includes Dewhirst, a former Edelman VP/deputy director for Edelman.

“Lauren’s 15 years of experience has given her the opportunity working with some of the largest consumer companies in the world,” says Weber.

“She is able to be in the field, producing content or she can be sitting next to the CEO of Starbucks, with the same quality results.”

Dewhirst says she has long admired Weber’s ability to grow her business from a tiny shop to a major player.

Company president Michael Weber The Michael Group’s business is 50% corporate/PR – “everything from corporate videos to branded videos and viral videos to satellite media tours” – and 50% TV show production, notes Weber, a Towers Productions alum, who has a TV and journalism background.

She is very excited about the sizeable number of shows the company has developed are in various stages of review with cable networks.  Two reality shows A&E, two shows each at the Weather and Travel channels and two sports docs for sports outlets are awaiting greenlights.

“Not only are we currently in negotiations about our projects,” she says, “but we have a seat at the 2012 planning table with the largest PR firms in the country.”

Earlier this year, Emmy winning veteran TV and doc producer Mary Boylan joined Weber, after seven years as a Towers Productions’ staff supervising producer on many of its cable shows and series. 

The fourth member of The Michaels Group is editor editor/videographer Eric Miller.

For production, they call on a pool of professionals with whom they’ve had experience, including three graphic artists, a five-person team of digital distribution experts and 10 videographers.

Weber, who earned a communications degree from the University of Michigan, founded her company in 2007 after working as a freelance producer.

The Michael Group works out of a 3,000-sq. ft. office, includes two edit suites, at 55 E. Erie.

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