Post for two nationally syndicated TV shows help spur 3-year old Pixel Brothers rapid expansion

With the post for two network TV shows underway, corporate work, their own shows ready for market and an aggressive new stance, Pixel Brothers is aiming for top market position.

Last July, the company landed a whopper of a deal: editing the daily syndicated “Jerry Springer Show” and its new fledgling spinoff “The Steve Wilkos Show.”

Each contract is for three-years and each calls for postproduction of the daily shows, daily promos, and pay-per-view episodes of, ironically, the bits from the Springer Show that are too naughty for a morning TV audience.

Each hour-long daily show requires four editors per show?two days when there’s nudity. They work in one of Pixel’s eight HD/SD digital editing suites, a number to stretch to 12 early next year.

“The Springer Show’ is not an easy show to edit,” said editor Scott Spurgeon. “Every day is like a circus. You have to be constantly on the lookout for profanity that needs to be bleeped.”

The Springer shows can include illicit scenes like the recent episode featuring, “Diapered Bob,” a man with an unusual fetish.

On the Wilkos’ hour show that bowed Sept. 10, guests “seek Steve’s help,” such as a group of teenage girls who wished their mothers would get off drugs and prostitution and get more involved in their lives.

Wilcos draws on his past lives as a U.S. Marine, Chicago cop, and Springer’s head security guard for 14 years to provide his “help.”

He stepped up to host “The Jerry Springer Show” when Springer was away on more mainstream shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Got Talent.”

The show is edited with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, two 24-inch Apple HD cinema displays, and a 17-inch Panasonic HD monitor. A fiber optic runs through to their $300,000, 50 terabyte Apple Serve RAID storage system that protects data, handles all of their post work.

“It gives us the capacity to do anything we need to,” said John Patterson, Pixel Brothers’ newly hired director of development, who has a marketing background.

Three TV veterans lead the 18-person staff