Post Meridian acquires staff, studio for business growth

Action on the set at Post Meridian

Action on the set at Post Meridian

The Schaumburg
production company
busy clients
with new hires and
a state of the art
studio expansion

Last week, Post Meridian moved into a new 2,500-square-foot studio on Wiley Road in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Owner and Executive Producer Adrian Dinu founded the Schaumburg shop in 2002 as a corporate video and local commercial agency with a focus on high-quality audio production.

Adrian Dinu
Adrian Dinu

Dinu states, “We’ve been here for 16 years. Post Meridian was founded in June 2002, and we are expanding into a facility that will allow us to have a really nice, state of the art sound stage and green screen.”

The move coincides with a strategic expansion into more commercial and film production, along with the hiring of Senior Producer Steven Corrigan and Freelance Director Tim Armstrong.

The local Post Meridian has found a special niche outside of Chicago in a suburb known for being the home to corporations like IBM, Motorola Solutions, and Zurich North America.

This makes Schaumburg the ideal location for what Dinu calls Post Meridian’s “bread and butter,” a list of clients that includes Navistar, Idealease, Northwest Community Hospital, LDS Wealth Advisors, and Camping World.



Dinu explains that Post Meridian is “thriving because our focus has always been corporate,” but the acquisitions of Corrigan and Armstrong are part of an effort to ensure that those corporate videos have a commercial and film quality to them.

Dinu states, “What Steven (Corrigan) brought to the table is a new way of doing things. Looking at things, not just from a corporate perspective, but now from more of an agency perspective, from a film perspective.”

Steven Corrigan
Steven Corrigan

Corrigan was brought on in July 2018, and Dinu recalls, “Tim (Armstrong) was referred to me through Steven Corrigan.”

Armstrong and Corrigan met during Armstrong’s filming of Blood Money: The Movie.

Armstrong reflects, “Steven was still at school. He was at Tribeca Flashpoint… He helped us out with the shoot. We made it. A couple of years later, he is at Post Meridian, and he remembered what I could do, and we decided let’s make this happen.”

“He brought me in to meet Adrian, and here we are. Very new, very exciting,” he continues.

As for deciding to stay in Schaumburg, Dinu jokes that the free parking was the primary motivator.

However, in all seriousness, Dinu explains, “Schaumburg is the second largest business district in the state… It’s such a growing community. A lot of businesses are motivated to come to Schaumburg now, and for video production, for what we do here, it is so ripe now.”

Tim Armstrong
Tim Armstrong

He continues, “There are so many post-production houses, there are so many places downtown in the city. The competition is fierce, but we’ve always found a nice little home here in Schaumburg.”

While most of Post Meridian’s clients are corporate, they have collaborated with ad agencies as well.

Dinu explains, “We produce all of the Malman Law spots. Those are in conjunction with a local agency that hires us.”

That agency is called Riffco Advertising, and it is located in the neighboring Highland Park, IL.

The recent moves at Post Meridian are intended to get the attention of other local agencies as well.



Dinu explains, “In Schaumburg, there are a lot of small boutique advertising agencies, there’s Pinnacle, there’s Aronson, there’s a lot of smaller companies, and we are hoping that we could go after some of their business because we have this beautiful new green screen stage and they can bring their clients to film.”

With the new 2,500-square-foot facility and the recent acquisitions of Senior Producer Steven Corrigan and Director Tim Armstrong, Owner and Executive Producer Adrian Dinu looks to strengthen Post Meridian’s corporate-video work and broaden its advertising portfolio for the Schaumburg community and beyond.

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