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"Working Life Forward"

“Working Life Forward”

Picture North
helps nonprofit
managed care org
Community Health Choice
build a new
platform for its
members to speak

Director Jake Zalutsky and Production and Editorial company Picture North have released their latest campaign for client Community Health Choice through Texas-based agency Langrand.

For the underserved population of Texas, Community Health Choice has been a gateway to healthcare services for more than twenty years.

Comprised of an anthem video and three documentary-style portraits, the campaign focuses on real Community Health Choice members who are moving forward despite dealing with challenges such as loss of relatives, unemployment, and lack of education.



“From our first conversations with Langrand, we talked about the importance of representing the participants of the project as well as the community at large honestly,” said Director Jake Zalutsky. “The films are about representing people who often are overlooked— those who may not have ‘overcome all odds,’ but have found genuine ways forward despite facing difficult life circumstances.”



“These aren’t stories about struggle,” said Langrand’s Creative Director Spencer Strickland. “These are stories about the inspiration inherent in every struggle.”

“We were given the time to build relationships with each of the film’s subjects,” adds Director Zalutsky.

Behind the scenes with Picture North
Behind the scenes with Picture North

“The interviews were conducted informally, ahead of shooting, to give each of the women space to tell her own story — some of the interviews went as long as a few hours,” he continues. “We actually began each of the interviews with a meditation exercise to help us settle into the process and connect with one another. In the end, these stories belong to the film’s subjects, and it was a privilege to be entrusted in helping tell their stories.”

The shoot took place over the course of three days in Houston, Texas, and the films will primarily be shown on digital platforms in local markets.

Full Credits
Client: Community Health Choice
   Creative Director: Kathryn Tees
   Senior Creative Manager: Claudia Pineda
   Associate Multi-Media Designer: Darian Dixon
   Senior Web Specialist: Jonathan Coen

Agency: Langrand
   CEO, Creative Principal: Shannon Langrand
   Creative Director: Spencer Strickland
   Senior Art Director: Blas Pereyra
   Senior Writer: Jeff Lane
   Senior Producer: Monica Haddow
   Account Director: Samantha Niessing
   Senior Project Manager: Van Tran
   Account Executive: Brenda Barragan

Production Company: Picture North
   Director: Jake Zalutsky
   Executive Producers: Neha Datt Schultz, Martin Rodahl
   Producer: Michael Nowicki
   Line Producer: Damian Huck
   Associate Producer: Evan Staley
   Director of Photography: Frances Chen
   Steadicam Operator: Blaine Baker

Editorial Company: Picture North
   Editor: Talia Pasqua
   Executive Producers: Neha Datt Schultz, Martin Rodahl
   Producer: Michael Nowicki
   Associate Producer: Evan Staley
   Music: Nicholas Wright
   Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich, Company 3
   Sound design and mix: Stosh Tuszynski, Noisefloor

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