A pair of TV news pros launch PureStock.TV, an amateur stock car race show and networking site

Based on their years in the TV news business, producers Michelle DeLong and Tim Horstman know what makes for a good show when they see it. For them it’s stock car racing?not the high-powered, exclusive NASCAR kind?but Everyman’s 4-cyclinder.

Partners DeLong and Horstman created a niche website called PureStock.TV, the first and only home for this hot, new racing division.

They will tape the 4-cylinder races from Grundy County Motor Speedway in Morris, Ill., and post them in three-minute segments followed by a “docuality” portions and interviews.

The biggest part, they feel, is putting together a community of users who are interested in stock car racing. “They can put up a profile, pictures and communicate with each other?like MySpace only not as extensive,” DeLong said.