“Open Tables” now on iTunes, Video on Demand

OPEN TABLES,” the 2015 improv feature from award-winning director/actor Jack C. Newell, is now available on iTunes and Video On Demand. The romcom uses the foodie scene as a backdrop for stories of love lost, love found and the importance of a good main course.

Included in the cast of 34 are David Pasquesi, T.L Jagodowski, Keith Kupferer, Veth Lacke, Joel Murray, Mike McNamara and Newell, whose lead role defines him through the Paris adventure.

Busy Newell is presently working on two docs, “How to Build a School in Haiti,” about building a school after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, and “Courses,” how a Chicago chef evolved from running an illegal restaurant in his home to becoming a culinary celebrity in less than a year.

He is also the program director of the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City Training Center.

His first feature, “Close Quarters,” also can be seen on Vimeo VOD.

Newell is represented for commercials by STORY.