P+N’s Superb Owl aids Aussie wildlife during Super Bowl

Rochester, NY-based Partners + Napier has launched an effort to save Australian wildlife with the help of Superb Owl (@SuperbOwl_Saves), a character named for the search term that is most often mistyped during Super Bowl season.

Part-time ad connoisseur, full-time humanitarian, Superb Owl is set to take flight on Twitter during the Big Game to provide aid to Australian wildlife affected by the horrendous bushfires. The internet meme turned activist will support his fellow animals across the sea by donating his time to review Sunday’s best spots — and help raise money for World Wildlife Fund’s Bushfire Emergency.

Superb Owl was hatched when P+N’s sister agency, Australian-based Dig&Fish, reached out for help in telling people how they can ease the suffering caused by the raging wildfires Down Under.

So why Superb Owl? There are 11 species of owls in Australia, plus thousands of other animals impacted by the fires who desperately need help. Fans can follow along @SuperbOwl_Saves.

Sneak peek
Here are a few samples of the tweets primed to take wing as spots air during the Game (they may be modified in real time to better reflect the moment).

Actually, @reeses, I was partially raised by wolves. How about we help WWF save our dingo cousins from the bushfires? https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves #ReesesTake5 #Reeses

Yes, @discovercard. Now, let’s say the same when it comes to helping WWF help the animals of the bushfire. https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves

Ok, @google. Once our tears dry up, let’s all remember to help WWF wipe out the bushfires. https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves


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