NoiseFloor is the new sound in town

Undaunted by advertising’s tough stretch, sound designer/mixer Jamie Vanadia feels “the timing is perfect” for the opening of his new audio post house, NoiseFloor.

“We can offer all the talent services of a big audio house but without the overhead costs,” he said of his move into Jim Olin’s long-established Rhythm Caf?’s consortium of music-makers at 62 W. Huron.

Apparently Vanadia’s strategy is working since he started with business in hand and future jobs on the books.

NoiseFloor offers the gamut, from sound design with a library of more than 100,000 effects, to voice recording, to satellite patches to Foley work to surround mixing.

“Technology has leveled the playing field,” he said “Whether it’s TV, radio, new media, podcasts, video games or whatever, we’re able to offer an extremely high level of production at a much lower cost.”

He added, “We even have the requisite client Xbox in the studio.”

While the two companies are separate entities in the space,” “We work well together,” said Rhythm Cafe owner, Jim Olin. “Since Jamie is one of the best mixers in the city, we’re pleased to have access to his talents.”

Vanadia spent 10 years with Avenue Edit’s audio division, Avenue Audio, where he mixed sound for clients including Wal-Mart, Bud Light and Bayer aspirin.

He is currently working on a big 12-spot Game Fly TV package sent over from his former colleagues who now run Hootenanny, the new spot editing shop.

He’s also sound designing/mixing an important international documentary on the restoration of European banking in Liberia, from Washington, D.C.-based director Stephanie Forrester, and two radio spots for the College of Illinois through Shafer, Condon. Webisodes and a corporate video are upcoming.

After leaving Avenue Edit when the posthouse first downsized in 2006, “I freelanced at a few different plans as I formulated plans to start my own company,” Vanadia said.

By the way, the technical term, “noise floor,” is the level at which noise exists in a given device. “But I look at it this way,” Vanadia said.

“I may be starting on the ground floor but I’m confident we’ll take this place right through the roof.”

Noise/Floor’s phone is 312/787-2979. See