NoiseFloor mixes sound for national documentary

NOISEFLOOR’S JAMIE VANADIA mixed sound for a 20-minute video about survivors of the 2005 Pakistan earthquakes, produced by StepFilms and Media of Washington, D.C. , a company dedicated to making media with a conscience.

The doc was directed by filmmaker Stephanie Foerster, producer of docs, TV series and web-based viral media, and a longtime Noisefloor collaborator and a Uof I alumna.

Noisefloor partner Cory Coken estimates the renovation underway at their new 4,000-sq. ft. studio at 308 W. Erie should be completed within two weeks.

AT HOOTENANNY, editor and designer Graham Metzger completed a four-spot package for The Clear Spot mobile internet device, which incorporated the rebranding of CLEAR. Helming the project for A. Eicoff & Co. was producer Jim Hoffman, art director Lisel Larson and writer Gary Lande. Director was Michael Karbelnikoff of Hello and Company.

DOWNTOWN PARTNERS, an offshoot of DDB, called on L.A.’s Bob Industries’ Harry Cocciolo to direct client Walgreen’s Flu Season campaign, now being edited by Beast Editorial’s Angelo Valencia.

Credits: Downtown Partners executive producer was Will Meyers; writer, Dan Consiglio and art director Amy Ditchman.

ART DIRECTOR LARRY LUNDY was flown to New York to recreate a talk show set for the Epilepsy Advocate website, filmed at CECO Studios in New York. The show was produced by Andy Nebel of the Andy Lebel Company of Evanston and directed by New York-based DP Leighton Edmonson, a University of Illinois grad.

POSTHOUSE PICTURES partners Kevin Otterness and Brian Tedeschi of Kendall County launched their music production services with a music video shoot for local Chicago artists David Sills’ “Life Without Love” and Carla Kosak’s club hit “Don’t Want Your Man.”

The two videos were shot back-to-back by director/DP Otterness and a 10-person crew at in Posthouse Pictures’ new 1,500-sq. ft. studio. Sills’ video features vocalist Dana Froula, who plays with Tedeschi and Joey Bicicchi (“Devil in My Ride”).

HUNGRY MAN OF L.A. was in Chicago shooting Southwest Airlines man-on-the-street spots at Millennium Park, edited by Red Car’s Bob Carr on a fast-turnaround schedule.

PRODUCER JESSICA CHRISTOPHER of Joone Studios in Wicker Park starts a three-day shoot Nov. 18 on a pilot for “The Bod Squad,” a children’s fitness show created by physical trainers Carrie Drapac and Kira Elliott of Comfy Fitness.

Characters Max (Jake Szczepanjak) and Abby (Paige Collins) in costumes of candy-coated marshmallows and sauce-drenched potato chips show kids three-to-10 the fun they can have when they get off the couch and into the exercise groove.

Alex Fendrich of Cap Gun Productions directs and Jamieson Mulholland is the DP. Christopher is also the art director and set designer.

Joone Studios in Wicker Park focuses on branded entertainment and online content and offers a small stage and green screen rental.