New York-based SPEAKProductions to film feature-length version of their musical short “Fairies” here

Tom Gustafson and Corey Krueckeberg of SPEAKProductions will return to Chicago in June to shoot “Were The World Mine,” the feature-length version of their acclaimed 2003 musical short “Fairies.”

Gustafson and Krueckeberg, his writing and producing partner as well as the production designer, relocated to New York but always planned a Chicago production for their feature.

“Chicago has everything we need, and it’s a much more affordable city to shoot in that New York,” Gustafson said. “You can stretch your dollar further in many departments, especially with the great tax incentive program.”

“Were The World Mine” is the story of Timothy, an isolated gay teenager who discovers a magical potion on the set of his high school production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“Timothy puckishly begins to turn his closed-minded town gay,” said Gustafson, who is directing.

“The musical aspects of the film all relate to Timothy’s daydreams,” Gustafson continued. “The daydreams allow him to escape his reality, and through his daydreams we see his fantasy become his reality. All the lyrics of the musical numbers are text from ?A Midsummer Night’s Dream.'”