Freak Yeah! Jimmy John’s has gotten like, freaky fast


One of America’s fastest growing fast-food chains, Champaign, IL-based Jimmy John’s has launched an exciting new advertising campaign nationwide.

Long known for making sandwiches “freaky fast,” the campaign, created by FCB Chicago, ups the freaky ante by celebrating the brand’s freaky employees and the lengths to which they go to prepare the perfect sandwich.

Apparently, preparing a convenient, healthy and affordable sandwich takes commitment. “Freakish” commitment, if you will. As these four new :30-second spots show, Jimmy John’s cares about things that normal people don’t and that’s what makes their sandwiches consistently fresh, fast and healthy.

The new campaign, directed by Amy Samuelson of Supply&Demand, gives us a comedic peek into some of the practices that make them the freakiest (and best). For instance, there is unabashed mayo freak, Marc, who happens to be a Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Ranch® Freak.



Or there’s Jaylan. He’s a freak about hand slicing all-natural meats for every Jimmy John’s sandwich he makes



Say hello to Hannah. She’s a freak about Jimmy John’s fresh-baked-every-four-hours-bread



And finally this is Matt. This JJ freak is nuts about fresh lettuce.



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The idea of freaky fast, which this new campaign successfully delivers, is so exciting to the company it has CEO James North understandably stoked. He sent out this open letter to announce the changes.

Jimmy John’s owner John Liautaud and CEO James North

To our customers,

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Jimmy John’s so Freaky Fast®, you’re not alone. We are, in no uncertain terms, obsessed with the speed, quality, and freshness of sandwich-making.

Jimmy John’s employees are at the store early every morning to bake fresh bread that is never served more than four hours after it is baked. We slice the lettuce daily into perfect, crisp 3/32-inch slices.

If doing things the way we do things makes us freaks, well then, freak yeah, we’re freaks. We’re proud of it and we’re celebrating by launching a new campaign to let the world know about our freakish obsession.

Freaks care about things that regular people don’t even think about. What kinds of things?

We bake fresh bread in our stores all day, every day, and we don’t serve bread that’s more than four hours out of the oven. We use all-natural meats and fresh veggies. All-natural means our meats are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients.

Our cheese, veggies, and meats are all hand-sliced fresh daily – in every single Jimmy John’s location. Every day, we spend six hours prepping so we can make you a sandwich in 30 seconds. Jimmy Chips® are kettle-cooked in 100% peanut oil. Regular Jimmy Chips® and Thinny Chips® have three simple ingredients: potatoes, peanut oil and salt. That’s it!

We have a cleaning list with 79 items that are performed daily because who doesn’t want to eat in a clean restaurant? Visit us at Jimmy John’s and meet our awesome freaks.

All stores now have a new menu design to make it easier to choose your sandwiches and we’ve added these three new items to blow your taste buds away:

Kickin’ Ranch® – Made by hand in each store with fresh buttermilk and pureed hot cherry peppers – great for dippin’. Sliced Pickles – You’ve said you love JJ’s world’s best pickles, so now you can add sliced pickles to any sandwich as a freebie. 16” Giant Sandwiches – Freakishly hungry? We’ve added new giant 16” sandwiches to satisfy the biggest appetites. Your support over the years has been amazing and we’ll never take that for granted. That’s why our freaks are always ready to keep freaking you out with the perfect sandwich.

Freak Yeah.™

So, come on by – we’ll show you Freaky Fast!®

James North – President and CEO

P.S. – Check out our new TV commercials starring some of our genuine, certified freaks doing their thing!

Freak yeah is right! Congrats on Reel Ad of the Week, JJ. We’ll be putting in our order for lunch soon.


Agency: FCB Chicago
   Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor
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Post Production: Lord + Thomas
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