New creative to get your week going — 05.08.18

TNT's "The Real Announcers of Studio J: Wine Party"

TNT’s “The Real Announcers of Studio J: Wine Party”

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a collection of inspiring spots and trailers that got Reel Chicago’s attention.

Agency: Burrell Communications

Nothing really spectacular happens in this new breakfast spot for the fast food giant’s Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddles, but it just leaves you with a warm feeling as son hustles to meet Dad for breakfast.



Chilly Cow
Agency: FCB Chicago

First, there was Blue Bunny. Now, Wells Enterprises, the company behind the ice cream, is introducing a new light ice cream brand, Chilly Cow, a protein packed, lower sugar ice cream to use ultra-filtered milk. The multifaceted advertising campaign goes against the grain of how consumers typically view the better-for-you ice cream category with an honest tone. Oh, and it’s pretty funny.



Hornitos Tequila
Agency: The Community

Hornitos Tequila, a leading brand within Chicago-based Beam Suntory’s spirits portfolio, debuted its first TV commercial as part of the fully integrated “A Shot Worth Taking” campaign that embraces the brand’s shot-taking spirit and celebrates those who take their shot in life. Created by Miami agency, The Community, it sure does make me want to take a shot. Too early?



Hulu NBA
Agency: Hulu

I have seen this several times and can’t stop laughing at Barkley and Shaq go at it. This takes their comedic rivalry to the next level.

Chicago Sun Times
Agency: Ogilvy, Chicago

This is a stopper. To increase increase digital and overall subscriptions of Chicago’s oldest paper, Ogilvy Chicago is being transforming and rebranding as “The Hardest Working Paper in America.” It is part of a series of efforts the paper will be undertaking as part of their rebranding, and their commitment to elevating the content they provide. Joe Sciarrotta and team did it.



Agency: Apple

I cut my teeth on print and outdoor. I love-love-love this ooh for iPhone.


“Mission Impossible: Fallout” Trailer
Studio: Paramount

Paramount is enjoying a great first quarter with its first hit in a while, A Quiet Place. As a devout Mission Impossible fan, let’s hope it continues into quarter two. By the looks of this trailer, they have a huge hit (again) on their hands.



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