New Edit Diva owners Hilt, Szatos aim to be next big post house in town

Two local freelance editors who opened their own full-service post house last month are already seeing client demand rising to fill the capacity of their single Avid Adrenaline suite.

“We’re already feeling like we need a second Avid, and we’ve got friends who might need to use the facility,” said Mindy Hilt, who established Edit Diva Media with Karla Svatos. They are working out of a temporary office in Roscoe Village while they finalize negotiations on a permanent space.

Edit Diva offers picture and sound edit, After Effects, animation, compression and DVD authoring services.

Hilt and Szatos brought over a substantial client base from their freelance work, and Hilt anticipates a major upswing in business in the coming months.

“Our biggest client is a political consultant for the Democratic Party, and we’re about to get hit with that,” Hilt said. “And we’re hoping to get overflow work from bigger corporate and broadcast houses in town.”

Hilt hopes to hire a sales rep this year, and have a second Avid by next year. “After that the future’s still uncertain,” Hilt said. “We want to be the next big post-house in town,” and they’re considering expanding into production as well.

Hilt started her career in Texas television in the early ?90s, then spent several years editing infomercials for Florida’s Tricom Pictures. “A lot of the ones you’ve seen, I did, and I apologize,” she quipped. She spent three years as staff editor for Sound/Video Impressions in Des Plaines before going freelance.

Svatos is a Chicago native who was on staff at Meecham Road (now MindSight) and has spent years freelancing for major clients like McDonald’s and Towers Productions.

“We’ve worked at 50 or more post houses, and we have a good idea of how to make it work and give clients what they need,” Hilt said. “It’s all about the talent you’re offering, and great customer service ? even if they only need you for a half day, they deserve as much attention as someone who’s going to book you for three months.”

Edit Diva Media’s temporary office is at 2531 W. Palmer. Call 773/592-9780 or see

? by Ed M. Koziarski,