Nebula Creatives launches inclusive incubator

Nebula Creatives will soon offer Chicago’s independent film community an inclusive incubator studio at the forefront of its endeavors. Led by Thai female director and producer Rujanee Mahakanjana, Nebula intends to open a film and video production facility in Pilsen and will announce additional bold innovations over the upcoming months, including.

Mahakanjana, founder of the Shortcut 100 International Film Festival, built the incubator by partnering with a team of Chicagoans to restructure her former, single-member entity — 2016 Nebula Creatives L3C — into a to a multi-partner, grassroots, film incubator studio social enterprise.

Nebula Creatives L3C will be the first independent film studio and entertainment space for Chicago’s film community. The group supports the state’s and city’s initiatives to boost the economy and to promote Chicago as the destination for independent film productions.

Nebula Creatives helps marginalized, local filmmakers produce and monetize their creative work, while connecting Chicago’s independent film community to external markets through diverse partnerships and collaboration.

Jenaeth Markaj, Rujanee Mahakanjana, and David Barthwell

Inclusivity, talent, and passion
“By saying ‘inclusive,’ we really mean it,” says Mahakanjana. “We won’t just be helping independent filmmakers get their feature projects produced and distributed. We want to make sure these talented and passionate filmmakers can tell their original stories in this fast-growing creative industry for a living.”

Jenaeth Markaj, who leads the partnership efforts of the studio, adds, “Collaboration yields beneficial outcomes for everyone. Through the diverse relationships we have cultivated within and outside of the film community, 2020 marks the beginning of an exciting time to bring our ideas to fruition.”

Growing partnerships
Nebula has partnered with the City of Chicago, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), the Chicago Film Office, and the Chicago Screenwriters Network. New partners include One Hope United, a national nonprofit organization with a 125-year history in Chicago, Wakandacon, Garnier Public Relations, The Girl and I, and more to be added throughout the year.

“Anyone who is passionate about telling any original story — regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status — deserves the same opportunity to access the support they need to bring their ideas to life,” says Nebula Board member and Wakandacon co-founder, David Barthwell. “We absolutely do believe that creativity is a human right.”

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