MWFF in donation drive to raise $10,000

The Midwest Independent Film Festival is in the midst of its first-ever donation drive. The drive has raised 25% of its $10,000 goal for the month of November, which would cover 10-20% of the festival’s 2010 budget, fest director Michael McNamara said.

The fundraising drive and the BMAs combined will account for 40% of the 2010 budget.

The festival has two paid staff: McNamara makes a commission on sponsorships he secures, and assistant festival director Casie Ernst makes a monthly stipend. McNamara hopes in 2010 that he can raise the budget to $100,000 and hire a paid part-time development director.

The MWFF has historically relied on sponsors and ticket sales at Landmark’s Century Centre to cover its costs. “We need to provide a more diverse base for the finances of this festival,” McNamara says.

“We want to bring in more films produced in all of the Midwest,” McNamara says. “Filmmakers in Chicago are starving to work with filmmakers from Milwaukee and Michigan. The whole point of this festival is to shorten the distance between these communities.” You can make your tax-deductible donation at