mr. moqo adds designimation to live action spots

IN TWO SPOTS for Advocate Lutheran General/Hoffman York, Milwaukee, Robert von Bjal, placed live action performances into a virtual set, comprised of synthetic lighting and projection.

“My process is to fuse the normally separate functions of edit, animation and color to create a seamless visual gesture,” says von Bjal, Somersault’s former design director.

He utilized the flexibility of the Red camera files to create different focal lengths and manipulate color and light.

Hootenanny editorial, with whom mr. moqo shares space, finished; Don Avila produced for mr. moqo. For Hoffman York, Laurette Perlewitz art directed, Mark Catterson was the copywriter and Kiki Hayes produced; John Biesack of Square Joint directed the spot.

Before launching mr. moqo last year, award-winning designer von Bjal was co-design director with his wife, Melissa von Bjal, at Red Car. Earlier, he had spent seven years with Somersault.

His award-winning work has spanned music videos, broadcast, film, video games, print, advertising and the web. Past clients include MTV, ESPN, Fox, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Disney, Philip Morris, Levis, Wired, Motorola, Subway, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, MillerCoors, and many others. See