Motorola Solutions solves for safer in new brand narrative


Leader in public safety and communication solutions, Motorola Solutions, has introduced its new brand narrative, “Solving for Safer.” The unveiling took place on the New York Stock Exchange floor, emphasizing the company’s renewed focus on enhancing safety in communities, schools, and businesses.

Motorola Solutions collaborated with VSA to create the brand narrative, aiming to effectively communicate the company’s transformation and ongoing commitment to public safety. The narrative captures Motorola Solutions’ dedication to innovation and its promise to adapt technologies to address evolving threats to public safety.

Bill Maday, Associate Partner and Head of Content at VSA, highlighted that “‘Solving’ speaks to Motorola Solutions’ constant drive to innovate, while ‘safer’ embodies its promise that just as threats to public safety are ever-evolving, so are its technologies.”

“We think more people should know about the amazing and important work Motorola Solutions does,” says VSA Associate Partner and Head of Strategy Michael Girts. “This new brand narrative tells their story in a powerful, simple and inspiring way, and it helps them get the credit they deserve for building and connecting the technologies that make the world safer.”

With a significant investment of $12 billion over the past nine years in research, development, and safety technology acquisitions, Motorola Solutions aims to connect those in need with those who can help. The technologies developed enable swift collaboration between private enterprises and public safety agencies during critical situations.

The brand narrative launch included ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and featuring a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. The rollout extends to internal communications, fostering inspiration among the workforce and providing investors with a clear perspective on Motorola Solutions’ future.

“We’re excited to see this brand narrative continue to inspire our workforce and our investors,” says VSA CEO Anne-Marie Rosser. “It’s a bright future for Motorola Solutions, and now they have the words to describe it.” 

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